Mar 23, 2021Liked by Asha Sanaker

Lovely, lovely, lovely. Thank you for these good reminders.

I was driving by an out-of-town friend's house last week, so I texted to ask if she was home. It was a gorgeous day; I was thinking of a little catch-up time in her yard. She was in the car on her way elsewhere, but she invited me to stop by anyway and "commune with the mountain," of which she has an incredible backyard view. I did. But what I ended up mostly communing with was her patch of striped purple crocus! They were soaking all the sun their bold petals and busy chloroplasts could handle, and I could do nothing in response but sit there next to them and accept the sun's gift, too.

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Mar 16, 2021Liked by Asha Sanaker

Enjoyed your photos. Saw my first snowdrops of the year just last evening here in Ontario and boy oh boy did I delight in them! Stayed with them for a while - it felt like a reunion with old friends almost.

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Mar 15, 2021Liked by Asha Sanaker

YESSSSS! Spring time miracles are extra miracley this year

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